E100 Bible Challenge


Our exciting new initiative for 2017. Here you will find all the resources and links you will need to join us as we read the Bible together as a church over the coming months.



The world's best selling book is in danger of becoming the least read! Yet through it God speaks to us, reveals Himself to us, and show us how to live and honour Him. the Bible is not an easy read but over this next term we are embarking together on the ESSENTIAL 100 (100 carefully chosen passages selected from both Old and New Testaments). Together they highlight the major themes of the Bible and give us the 'big picture' from Genesis to Revelation. Welcome to the E100 challenge.

E100 daily reading guides are avaibale from church on Sundays and a special children's version is avaivale for the over 7's from our Sunday School teachers. You can also download the daily reading guide as an app for your phone if you prefer (there are a number of helpful links below)


For a list of study guides and reading plans for adult and children please click

Reading apps are availble here from itunes

PFD reading guide

Or why not join the journey here through our weekly blog and add your own thoughts and comments.